One of the fundamental treatments at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health is our cognitive-behavioral therapy program. This therapy is instrumental in treating those with drug or alcohol addiction. Our outpatient treatment center provides the stability, understanding, and healing that you need to recover from addiction. To learn more about how our cognitive-behavioral therapy program in CA can help you, contact the experts at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health by calling [Direct] today.

What is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program?

The cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) program at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health focuses on several key ideas. This treatment helps you to identify the flawed and unhelpful thoughts and patterns that cause psychological obstacles. While many other therapies focus on your past, cognitive-behavioral therapy allows you to concentrate on the present.

During cognitive-behavioral therapy, your therapist will show you how to recognize unhealthy thought patterns that lead to challenges. Furthermore, you will be able to understand your motivations and behaviors better. There is also a range of treatment modalities for CBT. For instance, your therapist may ask you to roleplay difficult situations or encourage you to face your fears. You’ll also learn how to calm your mind and body when your stressors appear.

How Can We Use This Therapy in Addiction Treatment?

When a therapist pairs your addiction treatment with a cognitive-behavioral therapy program, you can rest assured knowing this treatment is extremely effective. For instance, CBT has effectively treated many conditions, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Opioid and opiate addiction

Furthermore, the problem-solving skills you learn through cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you to cope with challenging situations which come both in treatment and outside of treatment. While you may have turned to alcohol or drugs to deal with such situations, CBT helps you choose alternatives, which allows you to build confidence.

When you come to the addiction treatment program at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, one of our counselors will sit down with you. They will then help you create a treatment plan for your addiction. Each person’s treatment plan is different due to the fact that each person is unique. Therefore, while cognitive-behavioral therapy may work for you, it might not work for someone else.

At your therapy sessions, you’ll learn to spot harmful emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, and create coping mechanisms to defend against them. In addition, you’ll work on creating healthy behaviors to replace the negative ones, which will give you the tools you need to prevent relapse. CBT will also help you to build better communication skills, rebuild broken relationships, cope with grief, move on from emotional trauma.

Contact Silicon Beach Behavioral Health

At Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we know how challenging it can seem to let go of your past and move forward into the future. As such, we use our addiction treatment therapy programs to help you with this process.

We provide a wide range of treatment programs that utilize CBT. For instance, many of our clients struggle with both addiction and mental illness, commonly referred to as co-occuring disorders. It is imperative to seek treatment for both of these conditions, as getting treatment for only one or the other increases the likelihood of relapsing. However, when we use CBT in combination with a dual diagnosis treatment program, we can effectively address both conditions simultaneously. This therapy will help you to move forward with purpose and efficacy, allowing you to manage each disorder daily. In our dual diagnosis treatment program, we offer treatment programs for:

Today is the day to put an end to addiction and mental illness. To learn more about our treatment programs or our cognitive-behavioral therapy program in CA, contact Silicon Beach Behavioral Health at [Direct].