Many people in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction need a bridge between a treatment program and their normal life. Fortunately, a sober living program in CA can provide this bridge. Sober living gives you a substance-free environment where you can test your skills and coping mechanisms without the temptation your typical homelife provides. With a sober living program, you’ll be able to have the support you need at your fingertips and have flexibility and freedom to ease back into your daily routine. To learn more about the advantages of the sober living program at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, contact us today at [Direct].

What Is a Sober Living Progam?

At our outpatient treatment program, you can attend treatment a few days a week, while spending the rest of your time at home. While this may be an excellent option for many, if you live in a household where other people use drugs or alcohol routinely, this option is not ideal. However, when you come to our sober living program in CA, you have a safe environment where you can recover from addiction without leaving your responsibilities behind you. Unlike an inpatient treatment program, you’re free to come and go as need as long as you adhere to certain specific guidelines. You may need to stick to a curfew, stay sober, and attend rehab or recovery meetings.

Who Can Benefit From a Sober Living Program?

A sober living program is an ideal option for individuals who are graduating from an inpatient treatment program or those who don’t have a sober environment at home. This program is an excellent choice for clients who are struggling to remain clean and sober because it provides a safe and temptation-less environment for you to work towards your recovery. You also have friends and staff members who can support you when you falter in your recovery journey.

Living on your own or in an environment where other people are using drugs or alcohol can increase your risk of relapse in the first days of recovery. Issues that can cause you to relapse include:

  • Relationship conflicts or stress
  • Being around family or friends who use drugs or alcohol
  • Being in an environment that reminds you of using drugs or alcohol
  • Having limited access to rehab or therapeutic support

However, a sober living program allows you to avoid these triggers. You’ll have the time and space you need to focus on your healing process, while still attending work and school. You’ll be able to engage in standard parts of your life and take responsibility for yourself and your life. However, you’ll do this in a structured environment that is ideal for recovery.

Living in a sober living program can result in a range of advantageous treatment outcomes, including better odds of employment, more mental stability, and fewer chances for substance abuse or criminal activity. In short, a sober living program can help you to thrive during your recovery.

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At Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we know how beneficial a sober living program in CA can be for our clients in recovery. In addition to this treatment program, we offer a wide range of exceptional treatment programs for addiction and mental health conditions. With our treatment programs, we know that you can attain the recovery you’ve dreamt about for so long. Our addiction treatment programs include:

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