There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to ending addiction, due to the fact that the recovery process is different for each person. Similarly, different addiction treatment options work for some people but not for all. As a result, many addiction treatment centers offer a range of addiction treatment therapies. At Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we know it’s essential to find a treatment center that offers a variety of therapeutic healing options. To learn more about our addiction treatment therapies in CA, contact Silicon Beach Behavioral Health at [Direct] today.

What Addiction Treatment Therapies Are Available?

When you come to Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we understand that you need a range of addiction treatment therapies. As a result, at our outpatient treatment program, we provide a broad range of addiction therapy programs that we’ve designed to give you the tools you need to beat addiction. Some of these programs are evidence-based. In other words, experts in addiction treatment and recovery have heavily researched these therapies. They have proven that these treatments are effective in healing addiction.

Alternatively, many of our treatments are holistic. This term does not mean that they’re any less useful than evidence-based therapies. Instead, it means that we use them to address the pain that addiction has put on your mind, body, and soul. Holistic treatments are particularly useful for those who struggle with co-occuring mental illness and addiction.

One therapy that we find invaluable in our addiction treatment program is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). During CBT, your therapist will work with you to identify negative thoughts and emotions that negatively influence your behavior. Then, after identifying these negative patterns, you’ll create coping mechanisms to overcome them. You’ll also create positive behavior patterns to replace them. In addition to our cognitive-behavioral therapy program, we also provide:

What Programs Will Use Addiction Treatment Therapies?

Many of our treatment programs will use addiction treatment therapies. For instance, therapy is an essential part of our dual diagnosis treatment program. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses the addiction, as well as any underlying mental health conditions. Many people find that their addiction causes or is caused by a mental health condition. They may not even be aware that’s what they’re doing. For instance, for some people, they may start drinking or using drugs in order to self-medicate the discomfort of pain that their condition causes.

It’s essential to seek treatment for both addiction and mental illness because until you address them both, you cannot resolve either. For example, if you only treat the addiction, your mental health symptoms will return unabated. If you don’t have the tools you gain in a mental health therapy program, you won’t know how to manage these symptoms, so you’ll turn to drink or drugs again. Conversely, if you only treat the mental health condition, but you continue to drink or use drugs, your state may get worse. You may also develop other mental health conditions. In such cases, dual diagnosis treatment is essential for treating both conditions.

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At Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we know that overcoming addictions is challenging. However, with the help of addiction treatment therapies, you are able to meet this challenge and overcome it. At our outpatient treatment center, we provide treatment for a wide range of addictions, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Benzo addiction
  • Opioid addiction

If you are tired of living in pain and suffering due to addiction, you can get the help you need to put it in the past. To learn more about our addiction treatment therapies in CA, contact Silicon Beach Behavioral Health today at [Direct].