At Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, we offer person-centered treatment for mental health and substance abuse focused on healing the whole individual. We are fully committed to our clients recovery. Our long-term outpatient mental health treatment program in LA includes an effective, holistic, family-oriented approach to treatment to help our clients cope with mental health issues and improve their overall behavioral health and well-being.

Our team of behavioral health specialists are highly trained and educated. With psychological experts, psychiatrists, and licensed marriage and family therapists, we provide clients the tools they need. Furthermore, our addiction and mental health treatment programs utilize a comprehensive list of addiction treatment therapies, including EMDR, TMS, and behavioral therapies. To find your light, and lead a successful meaningful life with peace of mind, contact Silicon Behavioral Health today at [Direct].

About Silicon Beach Behavioral Health’s Mental Health Treatment Program

For many people who struggle with substance abuse, addiction is often linked with co-occurring mental health issues. Oftentimes for those with an addiction, mental health conditions are the primary cause of their dual diagnosis, and substances, including alcohol and drug use, are being used to compensate for feelings that stem from the mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. In reality, though, substance use only worsens the symptoms of mental health conditions. Therefore, it is necessary for these individuals to seek help from an addiction treatment center, like Silicon Beach Behavioral Health, that is licensed to treat primary mental health conditions.

At Silicon Beach’s dual diagnosis treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, we treat substance abuse and mental illness simultaneously. Our expert team of clinicians are trained to treat most mental illnesses. Our dual diagnosis treatment center offers a variety of mental health treatment programs, including:

Addiction Treatment Programs at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health

While we treat primary mental health conditions, we also provide treatment for those who are struggling with substance abuse. In order to make this possible, it is essential to have a range of effective treatment options. Each person’s situation is different, and, as a result, requires distinct treatment approaches. As such, we work to create an individualized treatment plan for each person at our outpatient treatment program. Individualized treatment simply means that we are addressing the needs of each person based on their unique situation.
One aspect of treatment at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health is that we offer a broad range of addiction treatment options. For instance, we provide treatment for a variety of addictions, including:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Prescription pill addiction

Furthermore, as part of our outpatient treatment program, we provide medication-assisted treatment, otherwise known as MAT. This treatment can help many of our clients sustain their recovery long-term. In general, medication-assisted treatment is most effective in treating those with opioid use disorder. However, some programs have found that this treatment is also effective in treating alcohol addiction.

Addiction Treatment Therapies at Silicon Beach Behavioral Health

Another unique aspect of Silicon Beach Behavioral Health’s treatment program is that we provide both evidence-based and holistic therapy options. Evidence-based therapies are treatment options that have research and scientifically proven theories to back it up. Holistic therapies are just as essential, as theses treatments provide healing and recovery for the entire person rather than just the mind or body. By using a combination of these treatment options, we can give you the best possible chance at continuous recovery. Our exceptional therapy options include:

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To learn more about Silicon Beach Behavioral Health and our primary mental health treatment program in Los Angeles, CA, contact us today at [Direct]. Our effective, family-oriented approach to treatment provides harmony and healing to help patients cope with everyday life struggles and improve their mental health and well-being. At Silicon Beach, you will find your light and purpose.